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Electro Sex Stimulation

ElectraStim Axis Electro Stimulator ElectraStim Axis Electro Stimulator

AXIS by ElectraStim is a high-spec dual output electro sex stimulator and is the first in the world to incorporate multiple input sensors for a truly ..


ElectraStim Bipolar ElectraClamp

If you want to stimulate just a small surface area of your body, our bi-polar ElectraClamp is the ideal electrode choice. Designed to have a gentle gr..


ElectraStim Classic Electro Butt Plug Medium

Perfectly proportioned to leave you feeling full without being overstretched, our medium-sized Midi butt plug is ideal for anal sex toy beginners look..


ElectraStim ElectraLoops Adjustable Electro Cock Rings

Our uni-polar ElectraLoops could not only help you enjoy lovemaking for longer, they can also give you hands-free orgasms! Wear our ElectraLoops aroun..


ElectraStim Electro Egg Probe ElectraStim Electro Egg Probe

Both men and women will love the erotic potential of this curvy bi-polar electrode. Suitable for both vaginal and anal use, the flexible form provides..


ElectraStim Electro Leather Sex Paddle ElectraStim Electro Leather Sex Paddle

Bring some electro-play magic into your bedroom bondage games with our first ElectraStim Spanking Paddle! This bi-polar beauty is crafted from smooth ..


ElectraStim Electro Prob Sex Dildo ElectraStim Electro Prob Sex Dildo

Combining the targeted stimulation of a love egg with the thrusting abilities of a dildo, our bi-polar Depth Charge Electro Probe is the ideal choice ..


ElectraStim Electro Stimulation Conductive Gel (60ml)

ElectraStim electroconductive gel has been specially formulated for use with our external electrodes. Using just a little of this clear gel will impro..


ElectraStim Flick Duo Electro Stimulation Multi Pack ElectraStim Flick Duo Electro Stimulation Multi Pack

The ElectraStim Flick Duo is the worlds first rechargeable electro sex machine with 2 independent channels! Ideal for couples and power players who wa..


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