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Big Tease Toys

I Rub My Duckie Black

Waterproof personal massager! * Soothing Vibrating body massger * Strong but quiet Motor * Waterproof On-Off Switch * Relax.and just-feel-good. "To t..


I Rub My Duckie Colours I Rub My Duckie Colours

Meet this cheerful and friendly vibrating massage ducky that plays with you wherever you want. The powerful vibrations give a feeling of relaxation an..


I Rub My Kitty Pink Vibrator

Theres nothing more endearing than cuddling with a warm Kitty. This graceful feline, with her elegant crystal choker and discreet vibrations, will kee..


I Rub My Paris Duckie (Black) I Rub My Paris Duckie (Black)

Parisian women are renowned all over the world for their elegant style. Our globe-trotting I Rub My Duckie found this to be true during a recent roman..


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