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About Us

The Pleasure Hut story

Our story began the same as many others. Browsing the internet night after night looking for additional ways to support a small family, with limited working hours to hand. 

We knew we needed to focus on something online, but had no idea what! the normal ideas floated around our heads, but we wanted to do something that was a little bit different. 

We had to be in control of the hours required, it had to be minimum set up costs, but it needed to be something we could enjoy and focus on providing the most amazing service with. Sex toys?! why not? so we started looking at ways we could get some to start off with. We looked into the UK market, but it seemed so costly! so we looked outside the country. China perhaps? it's hit and miss we said, but we could get a great variety to start with. 

After many product samples from various suppliers, we set our heart on one in particular. The products were amazing, they had all the correct certification, great packaging and had instruction manuals with everything.

Selling these types of products is extremely difficult. The market is fierce, and leading retailers dominate with a loyal customer following. We needed to trial and error, so set up a store on eBay to begin with. The authentication procedure is extremely long winded, but we got there.

We listed 200 products at last! these took a long time to sell, but we got there eventually. They didn't make much GP, but it was enough to look into expanding into the UK market. Finally December 2018, Pleasure Hut was born (we are no longer Ltd). 

The sex industry is tiring! it's almost non stop running an ecommerce store, and is extremely costly. Our little ones are 3 and 5 now, and we are approaching our second anniversary in December 2020. Like many other businesses across the world, it's been tough without the pandemic on top of our shoulders to add.

But everyone involved with including you our most amazing customers, we thank you. Really without you trusting in us, and the products we sell, it all means nothing. 

We have a product range of nearly 6000 branded sex toys and accessories for you to enjoy. Please talk about us, please review our products. It really does help, good or bad, it matter so much!

Thank you for your continued support.

Neil, Charlotte and the team at